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Copilot for Medication Prior Auth

Spend less time and boost approval rates

Medication prior authorization is an opaque and time-consuming process, leading to patient dissatisfaction and resources wasted.

Tracking down data to fill in form takes 15-20 minutes

Pharmacy Benefit Manager requirements are unclear

Minimal visibility into prior auth lifecycle and high-level analytics

We tap into your patient records to autofill your medication prior auth forms.

Save Time

We dig through the medical record for you. Review answers before submission. Increase throughput by 80%.

Improve Approval Rates

We optimize responses based on historic determinations. We suggest upstream process or data capture improvements.

Set Expectations

Based on patient history, order and coverage info we compute an approval probability to help you set patient expectations.


The Develop Health founders have built healthcare products that have touched over 200k patient and 6k provider lives.

Mel van Londen - CEO

  • VP Product at Canvas Medical from Seed to Series B
  • Interaction Designer at IDEO
  • Software Engineer in Fintech

Ben Easton - CTO

  • Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Rupa Health
  • Masters in AI
  • Forbes 30 Under 30

Implementation Process

1. Introductory meeting (30 minutes)

Learn more about our offering and assess mutual fit.

2. Current workflow walkthrough (1 hour)

Show us how you process medication prior auth today.

3. Retrospective evaluation (1 week)

We'll connect to your patient data sources and historic prior auths to deliver a retrospective report so you can evaluate our Copliot.

4. Go live (5 minutes)

Install our Chrome extension and feel the power!

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