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Easy Medication Prior Auth

Spend 80% less time handling prior auth requests

Medication prior authorization is a complex and frustrating process, causing delays in patient care and increasing administrative burden.

🕵️ Tracking down data to fill in form take a lot of time

📺 Workflow is split between CoverMyMeds and EHR

💾 Prior auth statuses are not saved into EHR automatically

We simplify and streamline the medication prior authorization process reducing administrative burden and improving patient care.

AI FORM Filling

We dig through the medical record for you. Review answers before submission.

EHR Integration

Stay in the EHR. We notify you and you review the request directly in your EHR.


Once a response comes back, we save the result into your EHR filesystem.

See It In Action

Works In All Cloud-based EHRs


The Develop Health founders have built healthcare products that have touched over 200k patient and 6k provider lives.

Mel van Londen - CEO

  • VP Product at Canvas Medical from Seed to Series B
  • Interaction Designer at IDEO
  • Software Engineer in Fintech

Ben Easton - CTO

  • Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Rupa Health
  • Masters in AI
  • Forbes 30 Under 30

Cascade Family Practice

Pilot Case Study

Develop Health is reducing the time it takes to do medication prior auth at Cascade Medical Practice in Portland, Oregon. When a new prior auth arrives via CoverMyMeds, Develop Health pulls the patient chart to fill in the prior auth form fields. A task is generated in the Canvas Medical EHR to validate the form fields before submitting them to the insurer.

Implementation Process

1. Introductory meeting (30 minutes)

Learn more about our offering and assess mutual fit.

2. Current workflow walkthrough (1 hour)

Show us how you process medication prior auth today.

3. Build (1 week)

We'll build our solution into your workflow.

4. Installation and training (1 hour)

Install our chrome extension and let us show you around.

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